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Notso Entertaining Productions:

Remember those days long ago when the idea of gaming was only text?
Those adventure games that drove you nuts, typing in 2 words "go north", "Take Torch" etc...
Frustrating you to no end trying to think of the right combination to just open the freakin door!
Well here it is. The chance to actually FINISH one of those games, in true graphical style!
No more 2 word commands, just point and click your commands!
This is a graphical remake of the 1978 Tandy game: Pyramid 2000.
(I have been given the rights to use the name and recreate it)
We tried to stay as true to the text as possible, but due to not having a graphic artist we had to make do with what we could and it is progressing nicely!
Currently it is only playable on PC. and in English.
Working on touchscreen controls for 'Convertible" laptops-Only windows based. (Other translations will be released as available)
MAC/Linux have a few issues that should be easy enough to sort out once we have the PC completed.

Hope to see you at the end!

Christopher/Notso :
Team Creator (This team was great, it all went smooth! thanks guys!)
Level/room design
Scene decorator...Does this sarcophagus come in pink??
Prop Master/funding of the little things required to finish
IP rights procurement (License to use music, etc...)

Designed interface conversion from Text-Based to 3D.
Planned and implemented in-game logic and interactions.
Organized and laid out the auto-saving mechanism.
Modified the menu system, its arrangement and theme.
Scrum Master. Secretary. Glorified Intern.

Alvaro Urrutia Luna
c#: crouching, headbobbing, dropping items action.
Camera Effects. All item images.
All Inventory and usable Item models, Serpent.
Cracked Wall, Pit tile, stream water.

Game Engine:

Adventure Creator - ICEBOX Studios

Derek Fietcher - Ancient Egyptian Music - Pharaoh Ramses II

3D Everything - Temple of the Pharaoh, Egypt Tomb 2.0
Next Level 3D - Ancient Modular Tombs
Kiria - Medieval Barrows and Wagons


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